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Our Services


Business Health Check

In our quest to understand your business, our engagement begins with a business health check program, which comprises the review of your business activities and financial results. Upon the completion of our review, we then make necessary recommendations to improve your business model and other fundamental strategies.


Business Coaching

Passionate knowledge sharing and transfer is our philosophy. We may assist to coach and mentor business owners and key business managers to contribute more constructively armed with more diversified business knowledge and executive skills to complement their core area of specialty.



We know you are busy with other priority, why not out-source your key functions to professionals? Professional services such as: Digital marketing, Social Media management, Website development, E-commerce management, Human Resources, Bookkeeping, Legal, Trademark, Succession planning


Workshops & Training

We are HRDF certified Training Providers. We cover standard programs that related to Business Model, Financial, Human Resources, Digital Marketing, Social Media etc.



Decision-making in boardroom should be strategic instead of operational. Business owners often decide based on their beliefs instead of information. Our engagement as Advisor is to balance your decision-making, to ensure more angles are considered before major decisions are made.


Strategic Programs

We create programs that’s related to start-up or entrepreneurship. We work with Universities and government agencies to create start-up programs such as Incubator or Accelerator programs for our clients.

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