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Our Beginning

Our Beginning

ICFO started off with a focus on Finance. We dug deep to diagnose and “cure” the common problems faced by many Small and Medium-size SMEs today which was a focus of what was required by the book - accounting and numbers. However, with time, we realized that we needed to look at the business beyond finance to ensure long-term business sustainability and growth

Very often when a business is started, everyone makes the mistake of being focused only on sales. But little do people focus on profits and cash flow. People forget that selling without profit is a disaster and profits without cash flow is a nightmare. The next mistake? People spend all their budget on selling & marketing activities, disregarding other important elements of running a business.
We decided to make things simple by breaking down areas of focus in each business stage. This way, we can look at holistic, long term business growth.
At different stages, businesses have different requirements.

It is against this backdrop that iCFO will first perform a health check on your organization with the objective of identifying the following disciplines based on your organization's business data:

GLOBALIZATION begins from home

Going global is always the dream of most organizations, but are you ready?