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Business & Finance

5 ways to control costs

Driving the bottom line through profitable revenue growth likely is the objective of virtually every company. This should be the number one focus, of course. If you’re not growing, you’re dying. But companies also need to focus on controlling costs. Without constant vigilance, companies can find themselves in an uncompetitive situation with bloated overhead. The episodic slashing and burning that then becomes necessary can significantly damage a company. These efforts risk producing exceptions on the financial statements, drive “one-time” charges, and hurt company culture. Here are 5 ways to control costs...

Is your budget process stuck on last year's numbers?

Remember your last budget meeting? If you're like many CFOs, it was a long, exhausting process that was not particularly effective. As the presenters showed you their plans, you probably challenged every number and explored every assumption. In the end, you may have raised their targets a little, but if you're honest, you have to admit that each unit's final budget for next year looked a lot like the one its managers proposed at the beginning of the budget process—which in turn wasn't much different from the latest forecast for this year or actual performance for the previous year. Find out more...

Management & Leadership

The Best Leaders make Unforgettable First Impression

Leaders that try too hard to win people over are the ones that end up losing the respect of their employees – especially when it's not genuine. The most memorable leaders know how to naturally make a good first impression. Find out the tips from Glenn Llopis...

Why Entrepreneurs Should Look Beyond A Mentors Gender, Race & Age 

In today's hyper-connected and tech savvy world, a good mentor can be older or younger than you. More important is their stage in life. Is Gender, Race and Age important before choosing your mentor? Find out the different perspective...

Technology & Innovation

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg's Base Salary Falls to $1

Zuckerberg, who is Facebook Inc.’s chief executive officer and also the 22nd richest person in the world as ranked by the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, was paid $1 in salary for 2013, according to a regulatory filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission yesterday. That’s down from a base salary of $503,205 in 2012, the year that Facebook went public. Find out why.

State of Technology: Into the Cloud 

In the enterprise IT space, there's a lot of hype and talk around cloud. We've actually been talking about it for the last few years. People want to understand what it is, how they get to it, and what value they can extract from it. Given all the talk, one would think that every organization in the world has already successfully solidified and deployed a cloud strategy. However, we're realizing that's not the case.