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Our Beginning

Our Beginning

The common financial problems faced by many Small and Medium-size Enterprises (SMEs) today can be attributed to their focus on what is required of them 'by the book' – i.e., book-keeping, accounting, reporting, churning up and filling in the necessary numbers. In doing so, many SMEs forget the all-important role to plan ahead, forecast and establish preventive measures.

In similar terms, SMEs are often sales driven, when they should be profit driven. Where there is a lack of proper monitoring, budgeting is often performed purely for reporting purposes rather than for the proper management of the SME.

Invariably, many SMEs fall into the all too common error of giving priority to sales related expenses; where equal, if not increased emphasis ought to be given to other key areas in the likes of human resource development, IT infrastructure and operational processes.

The other common problems faced by SMEs would be the familiar tight cash flow and a general lack of review processes implemented within the organization.

In summary, SMEs often focus on the following wrong areas:

  • Focus in collection and receipts instead of Cash Flow Management
  • Focus in P&L instead of Performance Management
  • Focus in Balance Sheet instead of Wealth Management
  • Focus in Sales instead of Profit

It is against this backdrop that iCFO will first perform a health check on your organization with the objective of identifying the following disciplines based on your organization's financial data:

  • Profitability of your business
  • Liquidity of your cash flow
  • Ability to expand
  • Sufficiency of your resources
  • Sustainability of your business model

GLOBALIZATION begins from home

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