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About Us

We believe that all financial information, no matter in the book or outside the accounting records, have their individual impact to the business as a whole.

Many businesses (especially SMEs) house their financial data in a non-processed level. They neglect the important messages hidden behind the numbers. Business owners generally assign a minimum budget in building up the infrastructure and spend very little in the development of human resources and human capital. In short, they do not invest in their people. The common mindset is that sales are always top priority.

With iCFO, you do not need to change your priorities; but instead, you are given a chance to review your business in a broader angle. You will drive your business in a more strategic and organized manner. You will plan your resources to combat key challenges in your business.


Though our study begins from looking into your financial data, we are not typical accountants who swim within these numbers.

We are business and process oriented professionals. Our study and recommendations cover the overall business and its operation in general. We are qualified Chartered Accountants with hands-on experience in building businesses and operations.